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How to Manage Smart Tech Stress

Stress management tips for mobile and email use

Is your mobile taking over your life? Is it always with you and do you constantly check it for messages and updates? Can you leave work behind or do you check for work emails in the evenings and weekends? If your smart and mobile tech is taking over then this video will help you.

Managing Stress When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Stress management help

I thought I’d share this useful article and video from Business Minded, which gives some guidance on how to manage stress levels when things don’t go according to plan or as you’d expected. I hope you enjoy it!

Helping GCSE students with stress management tips

Stress management workshops and tips

It was great to help the University of York’s Student Recruitment & Admissions Team with some stress management tips for visiting GCSE students.

Presenting at Emerald Publishing’s Wellbeing Week

Managing pressures and challenges at work workshop

Had a lovely morning helping Emerald Publishing kick-off their Wellbeing Week with a session on managing pressures and challenges at work.

Helping carers to manage stress

Stress Management Workshop in Leeds

I had a great time last week with the lovely people at Carers Leeds where I delivered a workshop on managing stress and finding time to look after yourself.

Tips for stress-free business travel

Stress Management Tips and Mindfulness Tips for Travellers

I recently contributed to an article for Lufthansa, which shares a few ideas on practicing mindfulness when travelling for business Many of my clients travel regularly for business and sometimes find that aspects of travel can lead to additional pressure, stress or fatigue – they’ve found that investing in a few “mindful moments” can be …

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Stress Busting Tips: 2 Minutes to a Calmer Mind

Stress Management Tips - refocus for a calmer mind

My latest tip helps you to develop the ability to refocus and calm your mind during busy, stressful or overwhelming days.

Stress Busting Tips: Increase confidence – Power Pose!

Stress management - power pose for increased confidence and reduced stress

My latest tip helps you to feel calmer and more confident – in only 2 minutes!

Stress Busting Tips: Support yourself, feel better & work better

Stress Management - Self Compassion

A great tip – learn to be kinder to yourself and you’ll increase your resilience, feel better, improve your performance and progress to your goals faster.  Here are some lovely exercises which will develop your supportive side, improve your self-compassion and reduce your self-judgement.

The value of you – and each person you work with

Life coaching in York and the value of you

We often forget how important and valuable we are – especially when life and work are hectic.  I wanted to share some thoughts I’d had on the value of you as a colleague, employee and person – and some ideas on how we can all contribute to creating a more meaningful and happier workplace.