I had a great time last week with the lovely people at Carers Leeds where I delivered a workshop on managing stress and finding time to look after yourself.

We talked about some of the causes of stress, and how stress affects our thinking, emotions and bodies.

And I shared a range of stress busting tools, drawn from both mindfulness and coaching.  Something I always think is important is to share a variety of tools and techniques, as different things work for different people.  The tools I shared included those which can be used “in the moment” to combat the stress reaction, as well as tools to practice in everyday life to improve overall resilience and relaxation.

I also got to munch away on some of the lovely buffet and I met a room full of wonderful people.  So, a brilliant day all round!


Karen of Carers Leeds was kind enough to give the following feedback about the day:

Nikki came to Carers Leeds to give a presentation on Stress Management.  The presentation was given at just the right pace and was very interesting and informative.  Nikki was very friendly and easy to talk to and gave an excellent clear presentation with lots of practical insights and exercises on how to manage stress and cope with day to day events.  Everyone went away with lots of coping strategies and information on mindfulness to help deal with stress.

Karen Lewis
Volunteer Coordinator
Time for Us Cafe
Carers Leeds

Stress Management Workshop in Leeds looking at causes of stress

Stress Management Workshop in Leeds - effects of stress

Stress Management Workshop in Leeds - lovely people