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Stress coaching - stress management coaching to manage and reduce stress
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Do you:
Feel overwhelmed or stressed by increasing workload, new challenges or growing responsibility?
Want to improve your performance and wellbeing?
Want to change direction but feel stuck and unsure what to do?
Procrastinate and doubt your ability to get on top of things?
Have worries which get in the way of seizing new challenges and opportunities?
Lumiere Coaching can help you to:
Manage stress – and overcome the overwhelm
Rediscover your energy and achieve more
Work out what really matters to you
Make changes to get the life you want
Develop resilience and a more positive mindset
Overcome self doubt and self criticism
Love your professional and personal life – and feel a whole lot happier!
What our clients say:
“I don’t think I’d have coped with the changes put upon me this year if it hadn’t have been for an increased awareness of how my mind and body reacts when it gets stressed. Honestly, your sessions were massively helpful.” (L, York)
“Nikki is a terrific advert for what she teaches. Her measured style, ability to listen and make time and space for things to take a natural path led to an all round positive and productive experience for me.” (Dan, Pocklington)
“Nikki is a professional who has had an immense impact on my career and life.” (Nick)
“Nikki helped me to challenge my negative patterns of thinking…” (Jo, York)
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Lumiere Coaching is run by Nikki Watters, a professionally trained and experienced coach.  Nikki specialises in helping busy people who feel overwhelmed, want to feel happier, perform better and enjoy a balanced life.
Nikki works with professionals and business owners who are juggling workplace challenges alongside personal commitments; busy homemakers who are balancing never-ending demands of family and home whilst trying to find time for themselves; and stressed students facing study deadlines, social pressures and next-step planning.
Nikki offers effective stress management coaching, executive coaching and life coaching – and can support you in taking things a step further.
Trained and experienced in executive coaching, business coaching, performance coaching and career management, Nikki can also help you to start your business or develop your career.
Nikki Watters - Stress Management Coach - reduce and manage stress, feel happier
Nikki’s corporate clients:
Nikki has supported the following organisations with coaching and training (including stress management, resilience, mindfulness and confidence training):
The University of York
Emerald Group Publishing
Buro Four
Bradford Women’s Aid
Bootham School
Great Yorkshire Showground
Fellowes Limited
The Encephalitis Society
Warwick Business School
Carers Leeds
Ashton’s Estate Agents
Find out about stress management coaching
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Welcome to the blog of Lumiere Coaching & Nikki Watters. I work with busy people who feel stressed and overwhelmed due to the pressures, demands and expectations of life.  I help them to manage stress, reduce worry, work better, sleep better, make changes for a more fulfilled life – and feel a whole lot happier.